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Here at the Herdbook Ag Media, I practice the fine craft of storytelling. Specifically, the storytelling of our agriculture and food related industries and the incredible individuals behind them.

Sometimes the story is technical and scientific, where it involves tireless researching, consulting higher academia and combing through pages of credible research to make it all accessible to the layman. Other times the story is emotional and heartfelt, telling the triumphs and failings of the working class in rural (or even not-so-rural) America.

I'm here to help amplify the voice and vision needed to accomplish your goals! You have a readership, clientele, customers who sincerely want to hear these stories. Relevant information to the trade, inside information on how to be a better consumer, or simply a good pick-me-up story, there's something in the ag and food worlds for you. (Because hey, people need to eat right?)

Be it written, digital, in print, in an email or whatever I provide services across many platforms and outlets. If you have a vision in need of life, chances are I can help!


My areas of expertise

Livestock Production/Management/Technology
I cover everything hogs through horses from scientific-based, news or general informational pieces ranging from the layman or consumer to seasoned professional.

Animal Interests
With my strong background in the Animal Kingdom, I am also very familiar with the not-so production side of the animal industries. Be it a feel good story or cutting edge veterinary study, I can help.

Rural Lifestyle/Sociology/Issues
Multiple issues and concerns face rural communities. Simultaneously, there are lots of wonderful things happening! I love to detail the good and bad sharing overlooked places with the world.

Ag/Food Politics
Politics play in integral role in food production, processing and distribution. Keep your readership or consumer base up to date on these policies and issues via articles, press releases, you name it.

Individual, Farm and Business Features
I love highlighting people doing things that deserve recognition! I've been privileged to speak with producers, academia and business owners to give them the spotlight they deserve.

Audiences in and outside the industry care about what's happening in the world of food. This sector covers food service, processing, farming and more.

Food/Ag Technology
There are amazing innovations born in food and ag industries. From research on improving sustainability, processing robotics, or even young people with bright ideas there are so many stories to be told!

Food Production/Service/Issues
We've seen a lot of vulnerabilities and concerns in our food systems come to light in recent years If your audience as questions, you want to provide the best insight you can.

Food/Ag Sustainability
Care of the environment and ongoing sustainability are some of the most pressing concerns. Farms and businesses of all sizes work to address this issue while maintaining our food supply.

Business and Consumer Relations
Building a brand is everything in the digital age. Not only can I offer insight to your readership, I am also experienced at brand and content creation to help give your business the image it deserves!

Like what I'm about? Be sure to check out the comprehensive list of all the services I provide. If you have a specific project that's not listed, just ask!