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Welcome to National Dairy Month – Celebrate World Milk Day!

Author’s note: I realize that it’s a day late I finally have this up and posted. My apologies on that, I was having technical issues with my website but all is well now. This was too big a day not to celebrate!

Get hype you guys! Today we kick off one of the best months of the year, national dairy month! The month-long celebration is kicked off by World Milk Day, an event which celebrates the power of milk on a global scale.  (In fact, the Global Dairy Platform did a great job summarizing the highlights from last year. Check it out!) That includes goat milk, cow milk, camel milk, horse milk, sheep milk, or whatever mammalian secretion you’re enjoying in your corner of the world. Be sure to share your love of the dairy using the hashtags such as: #RaiseAGlass #JuneDairyMonth #DrinkMilk #DairyGood #UndeniablyDairy

All month I’ll be sharing with you guys dairy facts, promotion tips, and more so make sure you’re following us on social media! To start y’all off, you can brush up on your nutrition facts right here. Despite the misconceptions you may have heard, milk is actually one of Mother Nature’s perfect foods. Make sure you treat yourself to the best, the original superfood – milk!


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