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Animal activists may be facing prison time

It finally happened. Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) activists are facing charges that could land each of them in prison for 15 years each. Thank you, Smithfield for finally doing what so many of us wanted to do but who didn’t have the means! As anyone involved with animal agriculture knows, DxE is a terrorist organization by no stretch of the imagination. I’d go so far to say as to say its cult-like.

Ironically, the original New York Times article that made Smithfield aware of the 2017 theft, referred to DxE and similar organizations as animal welfare groups. This is a miscategorization of laughable proportions. Make no mistake, these radical groups promote blatant animal rights, equating them to having the same needs, emotions, and value as human beings.

A history

“Open rescue” is how DxE likes to word their practices. They’ve been at this with no consequences for quite some time. Be it screaming in grocery stores, protests, farms, or laboratories, these activists have made their presence known in many unflattering (and illegal) ways. It baffles me how they’ve been able to keep hold of their non-profit status. This is the same group who recently caused social media uproar when they unabashedly stole a Boer kid from a small farm in California. (The kid, “Rain” was moved to a “sanctuary”. The kid died shortly thereafter as announced by the group on a Facebook livestream. Apparently, it was the farm’s fault that this happened. It has nothing to do with the fact random people with no livestock education or skills, took a very susceptible species, pre-weaning mind you, and abruptly relocated it.) No one is safe from the agenda of groups like this. Conventional and organic. Small operation and large. Watch out general public, they’ll want your pets next.

Among those facing charges is Wayne Hsiung, organizer at DxE. Oddly enough, this man is a lawyer. He and his fellow activists have long excused their criminal activities behind the mask of “open rescue” as they call it. According to DxE’s own website:

“It takes the liberation of animals directly into our own hands, and, by going in with our faces proudly uncovered, we dare the industry to try our actions in the court of public opinion. It creates viral stories that mobilize people to anti-speciesist sentiment throughout the country.”

The thing is, they’re the ones who judge what is in need of rescuing and how to go about doing it. This is not the AVMA nor animal welfare specialists with PhDs, but any everyday average Joe who feels strongly about what he believes animals are entitled to. They even admit they want the sensational stories, they want to evoke emotions, not education or scientific opinion, from the public. Why then, are they surprised when they are tried in a court of law based on factual evidence? It’s funny how Hsiung has stated he’d be more than willing to be arrested for his crimes, yet he’s reaching out to his social media followers calling for petitions on his behalf.

Hsiung claims that “big ag” is trying to silence them. (Whatever that is.) His proof of this was when decried his theft of the aforementioned goat kid…Humane Watch is a private organization, Wayne. They have nothing to do with this “big ag” you speak of.

Will justice be served?

True animal welfare doesn’t require the destruction or theft of property. If activists really cared about animals, they’d bring their concerns to the appropriate farm managers, approved welfare auditors, or the herd veterinarians. How do you have any idea if that animal you stole was already being treated? You don’t, you might have interrupted its road to recovery. Here’s a shocker a lot of people don’t seem to get: animals’ get sick. Farm life isn’t always pretty. These livestock are workhorses and not show dogs. As we know, it’s in the farm’s best interest to properly treat these animals by virtue of both economic and moral interest

DxE isn’t the only radical animal rights organization to come under fire. The Humane Society of the United States is also facing a mess of its own with sexual harassment charges. Humane Watch is hopeful this will bring their annual spending into the public eye as well. (Hint: it’s not spent on helping animals). Perhaps this is the beginning of the end to these empires built on lies, misinformation, and scams.

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