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The Other White Milk

As a goat person, this week is kind of a big deal. The third Saturday of every June, this great nation takes some time to honor and promote the little dairy producer that is sometimes forgotten in the Western world. Guessed what it is yet? It’s National Dairy Goat Awareness week!

Most of us get into dairy goats the usual way, a 4-H project or backyard experiment. And once you’ve started its hard to stop! Goats have quite the personality, take up minimal land, space, and resources, and come in a variety of breeds with distinct colors and characteristics. Here are some fun facts on how the week got started!

  • The first Dairy Goat Awareness Day was in June of 1986
  • President Ronald Regan was awarded a Life Member certificate by the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association)
  • President Regan formally declared Dairy Goat Awareness week in 1987, and the occasion has been observed ever since (Read the full proclamation here)
  • Each Awareness week begins on the second Saturday of June through the third Saturday
  • The ADGA encourages members to “promote the goat” this week through outreach, public displays, education, farm tours, and any other creative ways

Did you know goat milk is the most widely consumed milk of any species in the world? It makes sense, as goats are extremely efficient converters of poor quality roughages into milk. Here in the U.S. and other developed countries, we’re blessed with the luxuries to keep and milk cattle. In many developing countries, goats provide a nutritional backbone to the working class family. Their milk also has some health benefits. Goat milk comes already homogenize, the cream doesn’t rise to the top and separate! Due to its unique composition, Its also easier to digest than cows milk. Oh yeah, and it makes incredible soaps, fudge, and cheese. Pretty incredible for the humble little goat, huh?


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