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Farm Bill Update

June 28, 2018- The Senate’s own version of the Farm Bill (as opposed to the House’s version which failed on its first vote) passed with an overwhelming 86-11 vote. The House also narrowly passed theirs on the second go-round by a 213-211 vote. Unlike the House, they were careful to avoid any changes to the SNAP program, which could set the stage for a major headlock between the House and Senate. The good news? We’re at least moving forward.

Most of the hardcore ag stuff is getting a green light throughout the industry communities. Many are optimistic this is a much-needed step forward to the conclusive 2018 Farm Bill, which has a September 30thpassage deadline. Other issues tied up in the $428 billion dollar bill yet to be resolved between the House and Senate include farm subsidies and conservation funding.

The bipartisan aspect of the bill, at least what it’s supposed to be, reflects the urgency many farm and rural families throughout the country feel in the current economy. By no means a cure-all, the Bill is intended to provide a much-needed safety net. Luckily powerful players such as the American Farm Bureau Federation are tireless advocates to ensure the bill is passed on time. No one wants to see an extension.

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