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Yes, I was an animal science major. No, I never wanted to be a vet.

I was an odd animal science major of sorts. I hated it whenever anyone asked me what my major was. Every time I told them they assumed I was going to be a vet. Naturally, I had no idea what I was actually going to end up doing so I would
just vaguely blubber about how there was a lot of things I could do.

One thing I was sure of was I didn’t have any burning desire to go into veterinary medicine. I don’t even think so many pre-vet students have that desire as they may believe. Many just want a career with animals, and going to vet school is the only option they were ever told. One thing I did know was I wanted a career with animals and/or their related industries. College opened my eyes to the many, many opportunities animal agriculture has to offer.

I’m hoping this article will help some fellow ag students tackle these difficult questions. After all, our industries are too complicated and important to be hiring only full-time farmers and vets.

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