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When Pop Culture tries to Portray Agriculture

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the late post! Between moving and starting up a new job I’ve kind of fallen off the update bandwagon. Now that I’ve got internet and my apartment all set up I can get back into the groove of things!

This is an idea I’ve had bouncing around in my head for awhile. Its the idea that not only does the American farmer have his stereotypes…he has a handful of very specific stereotypes.

There seems to be very little middle ground. The farmer is either the salt of the earth silhouette taken from a 1940s advertisement…or he’s a mere hillbilly caricature. And for whatever reason, Hollywood thinks its really cute to have the “save the family farm” subplot. These images aren’t just irritating, they’re misleading. These also make connecting with consumers that much more difficult.

In this little piece, I highlight some of my “favorite” misconceptions we see in the entertainment industry. I’m sure if you think about it you’ll come up with plenty more!

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