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Why defining the “family farm” matters

I’m a bit late to get this one up, but alas here we are. I am proud to present what my editor considers to be among my best pieces to date. This is a topic I am particularly passionate about and have been wanting to get to for awhile, I just needed the right opportunity.

As someone who’s been involved with many online and in-person friendly discussions and heated debates amongst the ag community, a subtopic that never fails to rear its head is the meaning of family farming and its relation to politics, management style and the industry.

I’ve gotten flack from consumers and a few niche ag groups for advocating on behalf of large conventional operations, despite them being family owned and managed. So…what is family farming anyway? Is there some weight to the skeptics who argue that family farming is a dying breed and that giant corporations are masquerading under the guise of family businesses? Head over to AGDAILY to find out!

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