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Of County Fairs, Livestock Sales, and Selfless 4-H Kids…

As a former 4-H kid myself, I may be a bit biased. But I think its pretty fair to say the things kids in this program do are pretty amazing. This week for AGDAILY, I did a little roundup of just a few samplings from 2019 alone detailing the utter generosity of these 4-Hers and the communities around them. The agriculture community never ceases to amaze me. Be sure to check this one out and share your 4-H (and FFA!) experience in the comments!

For me, 4-H played a major, arguably the most major, factor in my agricultural career choice and the goals I have present and future. I view the world differently because of it. I know the values of partnership, hard work, dedication and the what it takes to succeed in the “real world” of business and ethics. I wouldn’t trade a single one of those summers spent prepping for county fair week, tears and all, for a single thing.

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