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Why They Show…

I recently had the privilege of yet again attending the North American International Livestock Exposition. I’ve only scratched the surface of this famed event, I’m there for the dairy show, but every time it leaves me hungry for more.

Now, I don’t profess to necessarily be a former “stock show kid” – the county fair, a couple regional ADGA sanctioned shows, and the local stable’s “fun shows” were about all I mustered – but I’ve always been absolutely captivated by the atmosphere surrounding the almost mythical tanbark trail. In fact, I’d say I even envy these kids growing up in hazy barns exhibiting atop colored shavings under arena lights chasing an impractical dream. Such aspirations inspired me to write this piece for AGDAILY – one I think will be relatable to many stock show families across these United States.

Do you have fond show ring memories of your own? Or perhaps more importantly, do you have examples on how your showing experience bettered you? Be sure to drop them below!

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