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These are All the Ways Technology Helps Small Farms

This guest article is by Stephanie Haywood of

Between tending their crops, distributing their goods, and fighting off pests, drought, and other environmental conditions, small farmers have their work cut out for them. Fortunately, when farmers are sure to ask themselves these tech questions before adopting a new technology, they can find tech improvements that result in better connections, simpler marketing, and even better food.

Read on to learn more from The Herdbook about all the ways technology has changed small farm distribution:

Farmers Have Come Together

From social media connections to heading online to organize in-person farmers markets, small farmers are coming together thanks to technology. This equates to better farming practices and stronger communities.

Advertising and Managing Employees Is Easier

While farm stands are still prevalent in many areas, farmers markets aren’t the only way to get the word out about fresh produce. Small farmers can use the internet to boost advertising and get the materials they need, and they can use software to help manage their employees.

  • Customized signage is easier to source and implement.
  • Marketing tools have gone digital (and social).
  • Selling to consumers online via CSAs and websites is becoming commonplace.

Food Is Becoming Healthier

Small farmers may have limited land, but technology enables them to take advantage of every fraction of an acre. From better farming methods to simpler distribution, food is healthier thanks to tech.

If stronger communities, simpler advertising, and healthier food are appealing to you, technology is to thank for it all. For small farmers, every little bit helps—and technology is doing its part to promote better crop growth and easier distribution among consumers. Who knows what the future holds—but for small farmers, technology promises bigger and better things.

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