About The Herdbook

The team at Herdbook Ag Media brings a wealth of marketing and communications experience … specific to agriculture … to the table.
We understand the complex, unique nature of the food chain and know how to “talk agriculture.” Our content resonates with a wide range of agriculture, animal science and rural niches to help our clients position marketing and communications plans for success.

The Herdbook Ag Media was born out of a passion to promote and support the agriculture sector with professional and effective copywriting and communication services. 

With a background in animal industries, agriculture journalism and social media management, Jaclyn realized the need to make contracted writing and communications more accessible to agribusinesses. Being such a rich and distinct industry, it’s difficult for companies to find freelancers who know the many complexities and nuances of the industry needed to meet agriculture audiences and customers.

So, in 2020 Jaclyn took her part-time freelancing gig to a full-time business, marrying her writing talent and agriculture expertise. It’s her daily mission to enhance the communication strategy of agribusinesses around the globe. 

Jaclyn De Candio

Owner and Director of Content and Media

Jaclyn manages and creates communications content for businesses and publications in the agriculture, animal and food sectors who need someone with direct experience and knowledge of their industries. 

Growing up in the rural Midwest (first surrounded by a menagerie of 4-H projects before going on to work at local dairies and feed stores), she understands firsthand how difficult it can be to find someone skilled and experienced in written communication, yet can speak jargon with professionals and relay information to consumers.

Jaclyn continued her love of agriculture by pursuing a B.S. in animal agriculture industries with a minor in communications. After that she blended her talents to fulfill various roles that included dairy communications, trade journalism and even on-farm management.

Now serving the industry as an independent agriculture writer, communicator and media specialist, she enjoys uniting different messaging and strategies for her clients.

Hannah Meller

Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager

Agriculture has been Hannah’s life ever since she could remember. She grew up surrounded with a variety of livestock including beef and dairy cattle, hogs, market goats, and horses. Her involvement in the national FFA organization and local 4-H grew her passion not only for livestock, but all of agriculture. Her FFA experiences extended to environmental and plant research (for her agriscience fair) and 4-H experiences allowed her to further learn hard work and determination.

Hannah furthered her education at The Ohio State University, where she obtained a bachelor of science in agriculture degree with an animal science focus and a minor in agricultural communications.

Outside of the agricultural industry, Hannah also enjoys being adventurous via hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking and exploring outdoors.

She’s always excited to help you (and your company) extend your reach to promote and educate the world about the advancements and importance of agriculture.

Michele Ackerman

Senior Writer, Marketing and Publications

“Creative” is the word most people use to describe Michele. She brings creativity with words, visuals and concepts to her work every day, enabling our clients to effectively communicate with and reach their customers.

Michele has been involved with the agriculture community her entire life. She grew up on a dairy farm in southern Michigan and earned a degree in agriculture communications from Michigan State. She also attended Hartford Art School on a merit scholarship.

Her vast ag industry experience includes careers with Holstein Association USA and the American Jersey Cattle Association. She pens materials for Hoard’s Dairyman, Jersey Journal and Backyard Beekeeping and edits content for a variety of other publications and clients.

Michele has been an avid weightlifter for more than three decades and competed in bodybuilding for the past 15 years. She is a certified personal trainer through NASM. She also tends bees in the burbs and maintains a backyard garden with 150-plus varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials.

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